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At SightLine Display, our focus is to make the retail merchandiser’s job easier by providing a one-call source for all POP, visual merchandising and retail signage needs. With our full-service fabrication facility featuring the most efficient equipment available today and large assortment of materials to choose from, we’re able to offer a wider range of solutions than most display fixture providers. Our advanced print capabilities and warehousing & fulfillment services solidify our position as a single source for all your POP, visual merchandising and retail signage needs.
Custom Solutions
We specialize in designing and manufacturing one-of-a-kind solutions for unique situations where a standard product just won’t work. At SightLine Display, we have the skill, experience and production capability to engineer your custom display for optimal performance.  Whether paper, plastic, metal, wood, or any combination of materials, we’ll work with you to bring your ideas to life with precision, quality and efficiency.

Engineering & Project Management
A top priority at SightLine Display is making your job easier by providing the highest level of service possible. Our expert staff and the latest design and manufacturing equipment allow us to take your ideas from concept to production and create the most cost-effective signage and display solutions for any situation. We offer dedicated customer service and project management experts to handle the details of your projects, and to help design, prototype and track your project from start to finish.

Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

SightLine offers customers a full range of services including special bagging, project kitting, rollouts to anywhere from 25 to 2,500+ stores, vendor managed warehousing and more.

Custom Ordering Websites 
Our proprietary, web-based ordering system offers customers an easy way to implement, manage and support companywide visual merchandising programs. Custom websites can be built to include our full catalog or limited to just the products your stores need. Custom websites help ensure greater consistency, efficiency and execution at store level and give users access to tools to help track & manage spending, view order history, quickly place reorders and more.

We’re able to offer our customers a wide range of solutions through our diverse capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment. From a single prototype to thousands of production parts, we provide access to the capacity, the knowledge and the equipment to provide customers with superior products at competitive prices.

Plastic Die Cutting
The process of die cutting plastic consists of first creating a custom die in the required shape and then using it to cut the final components out of flat plastic sheets. Die cutting is typically the quickest and most cost-efficient method used to cut plastic. SightLine Display is known for precision tolerances in die cutting and recognized as a leader in producing high quality die cut components from materials including PVC, PETG, HDPE, Styrene, Sintra, Polypropylene, Lexan, ABS and Foam Board.

Plastic Thermoforming
In addition to die cutting we offer custom thermoforming, a plastic manufacturing process that converts a sheet of plastic into a highly detailed finished product. Throughout the years, we have refined and advanced our custom plastic thermoforming fabrication process to better meet our customers’ needs and have developed countless display solutions.

Precision CNC Cutting
We use the latest CNC routers to produce consistent, high-quality work from various hard materials, such as wood, composites, aluminum, steel, plastics, and foams. CNC machines are programmed with a design which is then manufactured hundreds or even thousands of times with each component produced exactly the same as the last.  

Diamond Edge Polishing
Our diamond edge polishing machine removes saw marks and produces a clear, finished edge on acrylic in a single pass. Diamond edge polishing increases productivity and reduces costs by eliminating the need to scrape, sand or buff acrylic sheets.

High Capacity Cutting
We operate a Sigma Impact Machine for maximum speed & efficiency. 

Automated Bending Equipment
With our custom-built heat bending equipment, we simply have more capacity and a greater level of repeatability than our competition, resulting in higher quality parts at a lower price. Automated bending enables us to execute precise bends, time after time, ensuring greater quality, accuracy and productivity and lowering total project costs.

Custom Solutions
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